Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fifty shades of Annabelle.

My friend is doing the '50 random facts' list - or whatever quirky nickname it has - and challenged me to do the same, so I thought I'd give it a go, even though I have no idea what I will write and I haven't even started!

  1. I am studying a degree in Psychology. I didn't study Psychology at A level, because the course was not great at my school, and I discovered my love of the subject in my first year at a different university (during which time I chose the wrong course but it's all good now!).
  2. I am vegetarian. I think you call it lacto-ovo vegetarian because I consume dairy but not meat or gelatine products. I decided to become vegetarian because I read a book including factory farming but a friend helped, using Lent, for me to take the real step.
  3. Caffeine makes up a lot of my diet. I will never (rarely) say no to a cup of tea.
  4. I love drawing; particularly animals and cartoons from movies that I enjoy. I like drawing people but I'm not very good at that. I hope to start painting in the future.
  5. Sometimes when I am stressed I will draw a scribble on paper and colour it in. It takes me about an hour (concentration-dependent) and I have done it since I was young. 
  6. I can get really obsessive about things. If I like a song, I'll play it over and over again. If I like a movie, the same thing happens. It's the same with exercise, or writing, or anything that I do. There is no 'moderate' level.
  7. Time means a lot to me. I base a lot of my thoughts around time and I like to arrive places exactly at the correct minute.
  8. My cats mean the world to me. I don't know what I would do without them.
  9. Dancing makes me feel good about myself, and confident. I can lose myself in the music and, if I am nervous about something, I will think about a song in my head and 'dance' to it to put me back within my comfort zone mentally.
  10. I plan to get a tattoo of a butterfly one day. I don't know where exactly and I'm not sure on the specifics of the design, but I know I want a butterfly because it represents a lot of things for me.
  11. I can appear to be very open without talking about anything at all.
  12. I write. A lot. I do not have a 'concise' button. Writing helps me process things and I love the use of language and words. They are fascinating.
  13. I'm particular about spelling. If I don't know the spelling of a word, I have to look it up and cannot let it slide and spell it incorrectly. It's the same with the meaning of a word.
  14. I have a Tumblr. I acquired my current Tumblr in November 2013. I find it really helpful as I make it positive, so that when I feel bad, I can read something positive, and fairly realistic, to help me keep going. A lot of quotes I reblog, I have heard people say or mean something to me.
  15. I write poetry. I love writing poetry. I don't believe that there are set rules for writing poetry and if someone says something is a poem, it is.
  16. My mind works in a very 'black and white' way. Something either is, or it isn't. It is the same with people. I find people's 'grey'-ness, hard to understand and I easily misinterpret situations.
  17. I worry a lot.
  18. This year; 2014, I have made it my aim to write something positive every day and put it in a jar. At the end of this year, I will read everything that I have written and I'm really excited about that.
  19. I want to travel to every continent; including Antarctica. I want to see the Northern Lights, Australia, to meet people from many cultures and dialects. So far, I've travelled to Europe, Florida, Kenya and India.
  20. Going to Kenya is one of my biggest achievements to date. I hate anybody looking at me and I taught 112 children in one of the classes there and it was terrifying, but one of the children ran all the way home to bring me a present, which is hanging over my television in my room.
  21. Harry Potter is amazing. I love it. I read it a lot as a child. It's just, yeah, Harry Potter is great.
  22. I over-use the word 'amazing'.
  23. When I am writing, I don't like using the same descriptive word in the same paragraph or on the same page. 
  24. I love numbers. I break everything down into numbers. That's what focusses me because my head likes manipulating them.
  25. This year I will be about three years free (bar a few slip-ups) of purging.
  26. My favourite animals are butterflies, dolphins, elephants and tigers. Oh, and cats, and dogs. I love animals. I don't even know why I'm picking favourites!
  27. I find it hard to make decisions.
  28. I'm always surprised when someone likes me!
  29. My car is a Peugeot 205, G-reg, white, and I love it. It's quirky, and nearly 25, and I am delighted about this. My car is a little place of my own.
  30. I've always wanted to be a lead role/singer in a play, but I could never tell anyone this [properly] and I don't think I'd have the guts.
  31. I am exceptionally sarcastic.
  32. When I am passionate about something, I find it very hard not to talk about it!
  33. I am hyper-sensitive and feel things very strongly. The tiniest thing can send me into a tailspin.
  34. I want to work with children once I graduate, either via the psychotherapy route or in residential care or in the charity sector.
  35. I want to advocate for the equality of mental health or disability, or any reason people could get discriminated against.
  36. I am honest - sometimes too honest - and this can get me into a mess sometimes.
  37. Once I start a task I have to finish it.
  38. I'm not the best at receiving compliments. I will say 'thank you' and be okay about it but my head is exploding!
  39. I love positive quotes. I have books of them and made one of my own.
  40. I have two middle names. One is a family name; Helen.
  41. I like the fact I can read number plates and know basic cars. I find it interesting. I am finding cars more interesting the older I get.
  42. I have a bit of a sweet tooth!
  43. I am a strong advocate of 'never talk to strangers' and, when I talk to children about this, I will use my own experience of when a stranger asked me to get in the car (I think he was later arrested) because the children seem to listen more when it's the real deal.
  44. Music is an escape for me. I love singing to the songs from movies and love listening to words, and beats, and melodies. I have never really been good at playing an instrument but I have always wanted to sing.
  45. I'm a perfectionist.
  46. My hair is continually static, whenever, and I have no idea why.
  47. I always wear a long black vest top under anything I wear and prefer jumpers and shirts, and boots, to any type of outfit.
  48. I don't like clothes shopping, I prefer shopping online.
  49. I love listening to people; customers (unless they're annoying!), random people, friends, anyone, to find out more about the reality of their life and how they experience the world, but I'm not always great at striking up that conversation.
  50. Although I can come across as negative, I don't think I am fundamentally a negative person and I get irritated with myself for being negative in any way.
Okay, so those are the 50 things! I might change it if I think of something else (always so many things!) or yeah, I don't know, but there you go! That was quite fun. I challenge you to write 50 facts about yourself so I can get to know you!

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